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For Employees — Employment Contracts AND Severance Agreements

At the beginning of the employment relationship, many employees are presented with employment contracts at the beginning of their employment and instructed to sign the contract as a condition of employment. These contracts often contain convoluted terms and conditions that are anything but understandable by lay persons. It is important to know what you’re signing as the terms and conditions can impact you not only in your employment relationship with the employer, but may affect your rights following a separation of employment. The Wilson Firm will cut through the mumbo jumbo and explain to you in common terms what your employment contact says and what its implications might be.

On the other hand, at the end of the employment relationship, when an employee is terminated from his or her employment, the employee is often presented with a severance agreement to sign. Many times, employees believe that their former employer is just being gracious by giving them this additional pay. Please know that these agreements routinely contain clauses in which the employee waives certain rights by signing the agreement. At the Wilson Firm, we will explain to you what you will receive and what you will give away if you sign the agreement. We will also assist you in determining if the amounts offered in the severance agreement are fair and equitable and can assist you in negotiating the terms if needed.







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